Smart devices have just become such an integral part of modern life that we can barely imagine our everyday life without it. But we have not stopped with just an efficient device, we need something that also adds comfort to our life. Smartphones came with the addition of headphones which let us listen to music or people over the phone without letting others listen to it or sticking our ears to the phone. The headphones were connected to the phones and at first, it was not that much of an issue.

But slowly, our busy lives made it tougher to deal with a headphone that stays connected to the phone all the time. The problem was solved with the help of Bluetooth connected Airpods. The pods from Apple are efficient little things that are smart enough to understand some of our movements even. As it will definitely cost you a certain amount to get one of these devices, it is better to know what money can buy you in this case.

The very common benefit

The very first is nothing new as everyone using a Bluetooth connected pod can feel. There is no wire connected to anything. The phone can stay in pocket or on the table as you move around in home or anywhere. There is no need to use the phone every time a call comes in or you feel the need to change the music. The tiny devices in your year let you have a huge control over the things going on. The pods from Apple let you do even more. With simple pairing and smart connect with multiple Apple devices, these tiny things can do magic in your daily life.

Easy pairing

With the W1 chip, the pods connect better with the products from Apple. The button on the charging case needs a push to connect with the device. Once it gets paired with the iPhone, it will automatically connect with other connected apple devices.

A killer feature: iCloud and the pods

One can definitely do an airpods price compare (เทียบราคา airpods ทุกรุ่น, term in Thai) but the next feature is incomparable. Just think about the fact that your pods are getting connected to your Apple devices automatically when something is being played. Once the pod gets connected to one of the Apple devices used by you, it will automatically get connected to each of your devices. No matter which of your device is playing something, the pods will get connected to it when it’s on. There is no need to connect it with the devices when you need to use them.

The sensors are on fire

The sensors of the pods are one of the most astonishing features. They can efficiently understand some of the user’s movements to smartly control the device. In many cases, we remove one of the headphones in order to talk with someone. The pods can smartly stop the music until you put the pod back into the ear. If you are using only one of the pods, it will smartly shift to mono mode from stereo mode.