Labor shortage during the time of the pandemic is very prevalent. Employees all over the world are willingly quitting their jobs for a variety of economic and health reasons. It includes wages remaining stagnant despite the inflation, safety from COVID-19, job dissatisfaction, and the hope of finding other companies offering better remote working policies.

Indeed, the situation is taking a toll on most companies, and one of the effective solutions for this is hiring a Filipino virtual assistant. Investing in virtual assistant services in the Philippines can help you do administrative tasks, such as handling calls, scheduling appointments, organizing emails, and arranging travel, that will let you focus on the most vital part of your business.

Here are the top reasons why VAs in the Philippines is the best choice compared to VAs in other countries:

Speaks English Fluently

Globally, the Philippines is known as one of the most English-speaking countries. As a matter of fact,  the  Philippines was ranked 18th on the English Proficiency Index in the world (2nd in Asia), with over 14 million Filipinos speaking English fluently. The English language also is used in education, commerce, and law. Thus, when you interact with a Filipino VA, there will be no language barrier, removing one of the most significant impediments to a productive working relationship when hiring an overseas VA.

Ecstatic Individuals

Filipinos ranked 52nd as the happiest ranking country in 2020; and their best attribute is always looking on the great side of life. You can trust that Filipinos are always resilient in any challenges that come their way. This positive outlook is reflected in their career since it greatly affects how they approach personal and business goals.

Below are the other advantages of having a positive outlook: 

  • It lowers stress levels. When you view challenges as minor setbacks rather than triggers for anxiety, you will be happier and more able to handle professional obstacles. People who are positive thinkers don’t dwell on the problems that arise. You will be able to thrive in any job, even if it is challenging.
  • It increases productivity: Positive thinking stimulates the brain to ensure it functions at its best. You will be more alert and better equipped for your job because of the increase in your energy. Positive thinking reduces stress and helps you focus better.
  • It helps with problem-solving. Positive people are more able to think about all possibilities. This ability benefits all, from engineers creating new products to virtual assistants managing their administrative tasks.


Being respectful is a norm for Filipinos. They place a high priority on personal and professional connections. As a result, creating trust with their peers comes easily. Allowing them to have a healthy work environment to do their tasks efficiently. 

And to learn about how freelancers help enterprises to suppress the labor shortage, check out this infographic from OVA Virtual.

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