At least fifty percent of Facebook users will watch a video for at least ten seconds, and around twenty percent of all videos will be streamed live. To begin streaming live video to Facebook, simply activate the camera on your computer or mobile device. 

Since its start in 2015, Facebook Live has hosted 3.5 billion live broadcasts. With a potential audience of 2.8 billion people and the ability to sell products online to live audiences via the Facebook Store and other e-commerce sites, it’s not surprising that Facebook video marketing has become so crucial for businesses. 

Which Businesses Are Most Likely To Generate Revenue Via Facebook Live?

Larger businesses that dabble in live-selling campaigns do occasionally worse than smaller businesses that sell in a compelling, human style and do so frequently and regularly.

Customers are more concerned with consistent, individualized service. They enjoy watching the same presenters because they feel they share something with them. They view it as though it were their favorite lunchtime discussion program. Larger businesses often find it hard to give their customers a personalized experience, and many of them don’t broadcast often enough to compete with smaller businesses.

Some websites have “Ask Me Anything” sessions on Facebook Live with stylists and beauty professionals.

How To Locate Potential Customers Who May Be On Facebook

There are numerous ways to reach out to certain categories of Facebook users. If you want your message to reach the intended audience, you must be aware of their location.

A Facebook Live broadcast is a terrific choice if you want to exude a relaxed, welcoming atmosphere. When you’re ready to begin your live video post, navigate to your profile page, activate your camera, and then click the video camera icon. 

Going live on your Facebook business page is a terrific method to enhance the reputation of your company. People will naturally identify your video with your business if it appears on the page for your business or a specific product. Choose Pages from the orange flag symbol in the sidebar menu on the left to view your company’s page. To upload a video to the Internet, simply navigate to your profile and click the blue camera icon next to “Create.” You can also check the section “how to check transfer slip” (เช็ค สลิป ออนไลน์, which is the term in Thai)


Facebook Live is a terrific method to communicate with current and new consumers, establish long-lasting relationships with them, and increase the likelihood that they will purchase from you again. Live video streaming can improve how customers see a company or its products if the information is useful to the audience and is shared often.

Stores can use Facebook Live as a live sale application (ไลฟ์สด, term in Thai) if they plan ahead and avoid the majority of potential pitfalls with live streaming. When businesses prioritize the demands of their audience when determining what content to share during live streaming, they can circumvent Facebook’s algorithm and improve the number of people who see them and the success of live selling.