The voltage problem is a big issue faced by many people especially those who live in rural areas. The fluctuation of voltage causes several damages to your electric appliances that include a refrigerator, television, water heater, and other essential equipment that faces damages. For solving this problem, one of the best solutions is to use a stabilizer that protects your expensive equipment. The stabilizer ( เครื่องรักษาระดับแรงดันไฟฟ้า, which is the term in Thai) will detect the flow of voltage and whenever the voltage becomes too high or low it manages the flow and provides the equipment sufficient amount of voltage that is essential for its smooth functioning. Moreover, it ensures that the equipment gets voltage at a stable range and functions properly without facing any breakdown.

Choosing the right stabilizer is important. Factors like your applicant’s nature, its range of power consumption, and the area you are living is the prime factor that affects the decision of buying a stabilizer.

Factor To Consider By Choosing A Voltage Stabilizer

  • Maintenance –

before buying any stabilizer make sure that the stabilizer should be easy to use and that the maintenance should be done easily. Damage may occur at any time hence buying a stabilizer that offers easy repairing services should be considered while buying a stabilizer.

  • Single Phase Or Three Phase –

firstly check whether you need a single phase stabilizer or three phases that depends on your electric grid connection. If your home or commercial place has 1 phase grid connection you need to buy 1 phase voltage stabilizer and if having 3 phase grid connection you need to go with 3 phase voltage stabilizer.

  • Installation –

one should keep in mind the place of installation of the stabilizer. As it is connected to electricity it’s essential to take proper care when installing it. Keeping your stabilizer in the ground or any place that is easily reached by small children is dangerous. Hence while selecting the stabilizer look at whether it can be mounted on the wall or in higher places. Now the new model comes with wall mounted features hence choose the latest model having good quality.

  • Indicator –

some of the stabilizers have a display feature. This display feature indicates that the stabilizer is working correctly. In the new models, you can check the input and output voltages. Hence this stabilizer is very convenient to use and you will get an idea of voltage fluctuations.

By keeping in mind the above points while buying a stabilizer you can have the best stabilizer for your home and office.